The very best from our land.

We raise our animals on feed we produce ourselves.

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The best meat from Girona.

Meat of certified origin and quality, gourmet product line.

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Passion and professional responsibility.

We offer our clients the best professionals and customer service.

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The feed, controlled origin and composition.

When formulating our animal feed we seek a balance between the vegetable fats provided by premium cereals (corn, barley and wheat) and the proteins from soya and peas. This results in the highest quality carcasses in our slaughterhouse and is reflected in the final product.

The farms, livestock selection and care.

Veterinarians and farmers work with the aim of rearing animals that reach their optimum weight at the right age for slaughter, according to what our clients request from the slaughterhouse.

The slaughterhouse, production and traceability.

Every day we have a pre-determined schedule of all the animals due to enter our facilities, to guarantee the best monitoring of traceability by checking on their condition and accompanying documentation.

Cutting room, tradition and know-how.

We use a traditional continuous line working method. The quartering and cutting process begins after the carcasses have been refrigerated for 24 hours. The carcasses are quartered and the half-carcasses cut up, after which the pieces are dressed, vacuum packed and labelled.

Filleted and processed products, quality meat.

We have a specific format for each client, and offer all of them our very best meats. We take great care with the presentation of our meat as we consider it very important that the consumer receives a well-finished product.