About us

and family heritage

Artigas is a family business dedicated to the meat sector and specialising in pigs and cattle, sold in carcasses, quarters, vacuum-packed primal cuts, filleted on trays and heat-sealed in a controlled atmosphere, as well as fresh processed products.

At Artigas we have inherited from our predecessors the greatest respect for a job well done and a spirit of continuous self-improvement. That’s why, day after day, we strive to constantly improve our products, taking special care of all the details in order to guarantee the highest quality, as well as adapting to the needs of our clients by using personalised working systems.

Our origins

In 1957, Esteve Artigas and Dolors Bustins began to integrate pork and beef farms into the business, which today produce 110,000 head of swine and cattle.

In 1962, in order to obtain greater control over how the animals were fed, the company opened its animal feed factory. Later, in 1983, to complete the full chain from the farm to the market, the company opened a slaughterhouse to ensure the continuity of the process and the high quality of its meat.

Artigas was founded in 1983 when the Artigas Bustins family, beef and pork producers from Pla de l’Estany County (Girona), purchased an unused slaughterhouse.

Business philosophy

Our quality policy.

At Artigas we strive to guarantee the utmost quality in all our products. We maintain the highest standards of hygiene to ensure that our clients receive healthy and safe food that fully complies with the current legislation. To do this, we retain the services of an external laboratory which analyses our products before they are sold.

We also encourage the participation and commitment of all our staff to maintain this system by providing specific training and information.

Business philosophy


We fully comply with current environmental legislation and regulations and, whenever possible, we try to consider and anticipate future regulations.

We do our best not to waste natural resources and, as part of our company-wide training policy, we provide our staff with a continuous training programme designed to increase their environmental awareness.

Business philosophy

Risk prevention.

We recognise the importance of risk prevention as one of the priorities within the company. We safeguard and guarantee our employees’ health and safety, while continuously improving their working conditions.

For this reason, the company fully complies with current legislation, allocating all the necessary resources, encouraging our staff’s active participation, providing them with information and both initial and continuous training and we make our clients, suppliers, subcontractors and visitors part of our risk prevention practices.


Our fleet of refrigerated lorries of various sizes allow us to offer direct distribution over a broad area covering different parts of Spain.

We also work with an additional fleet of refrigerated vehicles for European transport.

Furthermore, thanks to our strategic location, for some of our clients it is very easy to come directly to our premises to collect the products they need.

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